the process

I love stories. By telling stories, we are automatically all connected. That connection is what I live for. 

Here's what you can expect when working with me. 

I value honesty and integrity, both in people and photographs. When you take a look at your photos, I want you to feel something. I hope you remember the first time you realized you

were getting married, like for real. I want the feeling of warmth and love to fill you up from your toes. That means I don't retouch photos; I love spending time editing and tweaking lighting and skin tones, but I leave Photoshop for Vogue. 

I love to talk. And over share. I start sentences with, "This may be TMI, but..." and I hope you can get down with that. Telling stories is a fun business, but one that takes hard work. It's a hard work I love. 

haley danielle

I work a lot with my sisters. Summer (left) often shoots with me (think of a second shooter, but a teamwork situation). Liv (middle) helps keeps the peace and is a phenomenal business woman. 

Traveling is my love language. Contact me to chat about my travel prices (they vary based on your location). 

If I'm taking your pictures, I will ask if you want me to write your story. I'll compile it in a book and send it your way. These are books for coffee tables and hearts, and for bad days. They are books that remind you where and why you started. The marriage between photos and words makes my heart swoon. 

I cannot wait to hear from you, sister! Let's be friends.