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Paul Miller Ford | Built Ford Proud Campaign Broadcast | Copywriting

Paul Miller Ford challenged Zipie to create an emotional spot connecting Ford with families, tradition and hard work, while maintaining the integrity of the national Ford campaign, Built Ford Proud. Working with our Creative Director, President and team, I developed a script based on Paul Miller Motor Company’s owner’s vision; the commercial ran throughout early 2019 throughout central Kentucky.

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ZipLiens | Website Design | Copywriting

ZipLiens’s elevator pitch

ZipLiens’s elevator pitch

What ZipLiens offers

A start up truly interested in disrupting their industry, ZipLiens needed copy that not only stood out, but educated. As the copywriter, I wrote industry-disrupting copy not only showcasing ZipLiens’s character and attitude through appropriate tone and voice, but I also worked to create a space where their services were highlighted in a way that made sense to highly targeted audiences who may not be familiar with their business model.

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Zipie | Content Creation | Copywriting

As Zipie’s copywriter, I write blogs that engage a variety of audiences, including prospective clients, current clients and marketing professionals. As a part of our creative strategies, each blog is optimized using meta descriptions and internal linking. Zipie’s voice is distinct in the industry with clients in nine states and two offices in Lexington, Kentucky and New York City. Read more here; pictured blog here.

Atchison Heller | Social Media Marketing

Working closely with our Social Media Manager, I work to create engaging copy for paid advertising efforts for each of our clients. Atchison Heller’s social media advertising continues to see positive results. This Facebook Instant Experience ad highlighted one of their recent builds and saw a 19% click through rate.

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